Subset releases 'Grey Are Documentary'


Formed over the last few years, the mysterious collective of Irish artists known as 'Subset' have continually attempted to alleviate the boundaries and sanctions unfairly placed on local artists by Dublin City County Council. Their latest endeavour has been 'Grey Area', an ongoing protest project which aims to demonstrate the colour and life that could be brought to Ireland's streets if the artists were given the ability and freedom that they need. Last week Subset reached a landmark achievement in this campaign by releasing a short documentary entitled 'Grey Area Documentary'.


The eight minute piece, directed by Trevor Whelan and Rua Meegan outlines the cultural and historical importance that art has played in the development of Dublin city, and uses this to contextualise the new importance that art must play on the streets of our city, to inspire, to intrigue, and to bring life to the dull grey walls of Dublin.


Watch the documentary below, and be sure to sign the petition so that we can provide our creatives and artists with the framework they need to express themselves freely in their home country.