In Memory of a Young Artist


It is with saddened hearts that we have learned of the passing of Paul Curran, a young poet and artist from Coolock. The small body of work that Paul has left behind speaks volumes of his talent. From his poems, to the lyrics he wrote and sang with his band Burnt Out, Paul’s message was one of importance and truth. He spoke of his experiences within the working class culture of Dublin, and of the struggles of Irish teenagers growing up in a recession that they had no part in causing. More than anything he spoke both of, and for, the youth, and what it means to be young, the trials and tribulations, but also the glory of it all. His words were weaved with a nostalgia that I'm sure will resonate with so many young Dubliners.

In a world of commercialisation and over-saturation, Paul was true to himself, his upbringing, and his city. His words repeatedly offered us deeply personal glimpses into his world, and in doing so, allowed us to conjure up our own buried emotions and memories. Paul gave this country his art, and we're all the better for it. The world is a sad place for his loss, and the loss of his art that will never get made. If you do anything this week, please take the time to listen to some of Paul’s works. Here is one of our personal favourites, 'Dear James', one of the two songs Paul released with Burnt Out.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. 

Rest in Peace Paul, and thank you for your art.