Luke Brennan - The Science of Photography

For the newest instalment of our ongoing photographer series, we have Dublin based photographer and science student Luke Brennan. We came across Luke's work a few months ago and we're blown away by the broad range of themes and subjects he had captured. We got the chance to catch up with Luke and talk about some of his work.



The Balti Club: When did you start shooting and do you remember what is was that got you in to photography? 

Luke: The first time I got a camera was purely to take photos of my mates when we used to skate, maybe 3 years ago at this stage! It was really only a hobby and still is to be honest. Then maybe about 4 or 5 months after that, while clearing out a wardrobe i found my dad's old Nikon f401-x and messed about with that for a good while, still taking photos of random stuff with no real aim. It was only in 2015, when I got a Nikon D3200 for Christmas, that I started to get really into what I was shooting. Fast forward another year, my secondary school art teacher gave me a Nikon FM2n, and from then on i've been shooting film for practically everything.


The Balti Club: Do you shoot film or digital, or do you shoot both? Which one is preferred and why?

Luke: Well, at the moment i'm shooting just 35mm film and quite frankly I prefer it completely over digital medium's. I know its something every film photographer will say but the process of shooting film and the anticipation of not knowing what you're gonna get is just great! It forces you to think about shots a lot more and as a result sometimes you miss shots, which is probably the biggest downside in my opinion. 



The Balti Club: What do you usually look for in a photo?

Luke: Normally, I tend to shoot stuff that simply interests me, I don't have any specific bodies of work or projects going on, so i tend to shoot a bit of everything! I do tend to see myself shooting a lot of street photography, urban landscapes and at the moment I'm shooting a lot of stuff in the residential parts of north Dublin like finglas, cabra and East wall.


The Balti Club : Who are you inspirations?

Luke:  I think my main inspiration comes from the lads I shoot with the most, @ringsaroundsaturn @podgedaly @theekarwash @illuminivan @cianc. These lads are as sound as they are good at photography. I feel like I see elements of my work in most of theirs, but we're definitely all unique. I  take inspiration from a few different photographers, but definitely the ones that stand out are @jmccourt12, @gmunchiez, @tsbehr, @timpalman and @charliereynolds. I just really like their work and unique styles. 


The Balti Club: What's your usual set up camera wise?

Luke: At the moment I am shooting with a nikon FM2n and four lenses, a 35mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 50mm f2 and a 300mm f3.5, although I rarely use the last! I also have a Polaroid 600 that shoots impossible film but I don't shoot that as often simply because of the price of the film!


The Balti Club:  What are your aspirations for your photography? 

Luke: honestly, I only take photos as a hobby. I'm actually a full time science student, which is what i've always wanted to do. I dont really see myself as a professional photographer in the future because I don't want to shoot stuff for others, i'd prefer to shoot simply what i like and if something comes from that, great! 


Big thanks to Luke for the interview. If you want to see more of his work, make to follow him over on his Instagram @dontrobmyflicks