King Krule Debuts Two New Tracks


It seems like a recurring trend these days that the artists you want to listen to the most are the ones that release the least. Such is the story of enigmatic London born artist Archy Marshall, a.k.a King Krule, a.k.a Zoo Kid, a.k.a DJ JD Sports and so on and so on. However April has been somewhat of a gift to many musically tuned ears. Not only have we been blessed with a wave of Frank Ocean tracks thanks to his new radio show, Blonded Radio, we have now been spoiled even more with the new residency of Mount Kimbie on London's NTS Radio. Last week Mount Kimbie shared the studio with the reclusive King Krule, and in their presence he debut'd two new tracks. The first track comes at the 44 min mark of the broadcast and is an Untitled track from a new project that Archy is working on with his brother Jack, called 'Hynodisc', the second track 'When and Why debuts a little later at about 1 hour and 31 minutes and comes under his Edgar the Beatmaker moniker, one of his many. Have a listen to the broadcast below, and enjoy! 


Photo by Tim Barber