Kean Kavanagh drops creamy ‘Miracle’


After a stellar 2018 featuring on Kojaque’s ever popular ‘Eviction Notice’ and releasing his own ‘Coca Cola Sky’, Soft Boy stand out Kean Kavanagh has just dropped a creamy rendition of Fragma & Coco’s 2000 dance hit ‘Toca’s Miracle’.

Mixed by fellow Soft Boy Wastefellow, ‘Miracle’ is a wavy reimagining of the classic, featuring airy guitars, luscious bass lines, and velvety synthesised vocals, all of which converge to produce a truly unique sound.

Between Kojaque, Luka Palm, and now Kean’s solo music, Soft Boy Records is quickly becoming one of the most exciting things to emerge from the Irish music scene in recent years. Have a listen to Kean’s new track below, and spread some of its buttery goodness across your ears.