Calvin Freeman: A lesson in lines


We first came across Calvin’s photgraphs on Instagram a few months ago, and we’ve been fans ever since. Calvin has a keen eye for lines and angles, and he has an uncanny ability to make a simple photo of a building seem aesthetically pleasing. We got the chance to ask him a few short questions about his work.


The Balti Club: Where does your photography style come from?

Calvin: Trying to nail down my style of photography is kind of hard for me because I try and just take shots of what I think looks interesting, but I suppose it's based around architecture and finding interesting perspectives. Composition and perspective are a big thing for me, if something isn't perfectly straight or a line is completely off, I'm out.


The Balti Club: How did you get into photography?

Calvin: I got into photography about 3 years ago and I suppose you could say I'm self-taught (didn't study it in college or do any courses). I decided to pick up a camera because I'd been using Photoshop for design purposes. So taking shots seemed like a natural progression. Since I picked up my first canon 600D three years ago, I haven't put down a camera. I'm constantly looking for something new to shoot.


The Balti Club: What cameras do you use?

Calvin: The camera I'm using at the moment is a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.4 and I've been using it for about a year but I only recently got the 1.4. I haven't strayed far from the 50mm, it's been my go to and only lens since I got my first camera. On the film side of things I've been collecting cheap point and shoots over the years, which are great for everyday stuff.


The Balti Club: Do you prefer film or digital?

Calvin: Almost everything on my Instagram is in digital bar one or two. I only use the point and shoots I have for documenting experiences like nights out or whatever. To be honest I haven't really had too much exposure to shooting in film so I can't say for definite. But I love digital, simply for the post process. The post is one of the things I enjoy most about photography.


The Balti Club: Do you have any major influences?

Calvin: When it comes to influences, I suppose I'm influenced by what’s around me and seeing it differently. I don't necessarily have any photographers that influence me directly but there are some people who I've come across on Instagram, such as @elsableda that I like but I suppose that's more inspiration than influence.



The Balti Club: Thanks a lot for taking the time to do the interview Calvin and we look forward to seeing what the rest of 2017 has in store for you!

You can keep up to date on Calvin's work via his Instagram account @calvfree