(Sandy) Alex G releases ‘Gretel’

We’ve been following the rise of Philadelphia based Alexander Giannascoli, better known by his stage name Alex G, since discovering him as a contributor to Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless projects back in 2016.

Starting with self-released albums on Bandcamp in 2010, the 26 year-old musician has now made it to a full signing with Domino records, and is looking to drop his eighth studio album in September of this year. To give you a little insight, Alex G, also known as (Sandy), is no ordinary Indie Rock artist. His albums and tracks are built on a bedrock of atmospheric and folky sound, and then populated by a misfit of characters, places, stories, curating a unique world that always seems to be edging on the romanticised image of small town America. There’s a brutal honesty to his music too, you can almost hear Alex in each of his stories, always trying to do right by his friends, always trying to breath in the nostalgia of a past life, and sharing that rose tinted vision with the world through his vocals.

Impending the release of his eighth album ‘House of Sugar’ on the 13th of September, Alex has released ‘Gretel’ as a single, along with a stunning music video by Zev Magasis. The track marks a return to old ways for the Philadelphia artist, sonically anyway, heavily featuring an acoustic guitar with a metallic piano. Elevating the track are those undeniable Alex G lyrics, again painting an estranged yet familiar world for us to dive into. This is definitely going to be on repeat this summer at The Balti Club. Give the track a listen on Apple Music or Spotify, or along with the video below.