Shot over the course of nearly two years, “16mmemories” came together out of accident more than anything else. In 2016 I bought a 16mm camera on a whim while scrolling through eBay. The camera arrived within a week, and despite having no knowledge shooting on 16mm film, I loaded it up and had every intention to use it consistently.

However, as these things always go, the lack of immediate satisfaction stunted my use of the camera. Instead of shooting on it regularly, I kept it packed away, and only took it out from time to time, as a sort of gimmick. So the roll sat in the camera, gathering dust on my shelf, only being taken out every couple of months to capture a few seconds of footage. This cycle continued, until eventually the roll ran out. Seeing as I never used a light meter, I had little hope that anything from the roll would be usable, however I sent the roll off and a couple of weeks later the lab sent me a download link.

What came back was a visual time-capsule, a collection of memories and moments spanning over two years, forever imprinted on celluloid. The film as it stands is completely unedited, it’s the straight run through from the camera, chronologically charting various trips, days outs, and snippets of time. Give the video a watch for your dose of Balti nostalgia.